Equipping Leaders

To share the love of Christ

– From St. Louis, MO, to the Horn of Africa –

We mobilize leaders to share the gospel practically by holistically assisting communities in need. 

A Holistic Approach

The communities and individuals we work with have hopes and fears. They have unique strengths and knowledge. They also face complex physical, social, and spiritual challenges. Knowing that each of us has something of worth to contribute, our approach is to work with community members to identify and address needs in a way that empowers those involved. This approach plays out in our local and global service.

Women's Empowerment

Nala is the women’s empowerment arm of our organization. We work primarily with East African women, teaching them to sew while providing a livable wage during the training phase followed by ongoing employment with Nala. Their handmade creations are sold in the US to help provide their income and additional funds for needs like healthcare and education. Through Nala we also focus on raising awareness of gender inequality and challenging harmful practices like FGM that impact women in the areas where we work.

Focus areas:

  • Sewing training and employment for East African women
  • Raising awareness of gender-based injustices and advocating against harmful practices like FGM and child marriage
  • Community building and developing cross-cultural relationships

The Horn of Africa

The men and women who lead our outreach in the Horn of Africa desire to see lives and communities transformed by the gospel. We work toward this vision by providing practical services and supporting spiritual development.

Outreach focus areas:

  • Well of Promise – A church planting and discipleship ministry
  • Nala – Women’s empowerment initiatives
  • Evangelism coupled with practical assistance (education, emergency relief, etc.)

Prayer forms the foundation of the outreaches and programs at Faith that Works. Our outreach leaders seek God’s guidance through regular prayer, believing that He listens and trusting in His power to bring about good in the world. Since Faith that Works began, many prayers have been answered and people have drawn closer to God through times of private and group prayer. As part of our prayer practice, we host a Global Prayer Meeting every 6 weeks to share updates and pray for the work happening in the Horn of Africa. We also have a Prayer Chain Team that prays weekly for specific outreach needs and situations.

More on the prayer ministry >

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