Faith that Works is blessed to work in The Horn of Africa, with the Somali underground church.   Together, we have established a base in Addis, offering many opportunities for mission teams, while providing relief to poor Somali Refugees, showing Christ’s love for them.   We have focused most of our attention in Addis due to its safety and strategic area.  17 of our pastors reside in Addis Ababa, working from our base, but travel frequently to more dangerous regions in The Horn of Africa, delivering the Good News.   We need your help in this exciting opportunity. Here is how!   Seven people from Faith That Works are going to Addis Ababa in June.  These people are the GOERS.  Please pray for these seven:  David, Corrie, Terri, Cathy, Blair, Rita, and David.   Not everyone can GO.  The ones who cannot go, SEND.   To the SENDERS we ask for help in acquiring items to aid in reaching the Somali people.   For the underground church, we need to equip pastors.  There are 25 pastors working all across the Somali portion of Ethiopia.  They need to be able to communicate with each other and access written theological material via the Internet.  We would like to bless them with tablets that access Viber and Microsoft Word.  Need:  25 tablets.   We will be gathering with these pastors in June at a conference near Addis Ababa.  They need fellowship and teaching, and encouragement to persevere in the face of persecution.  The men and women live so far away that getting them to the conference will be expensive.  Need:  $5,000 for travel expenses.   The mission of the Somali Community Literacy Center is to help Somali people negotiate bureaucracy by helping then fill out forms for the government, teaching them rudimentary English, and providing food when Faith That Works can afford to offer rice and oil to the poorest among them.  We have raised funds to be able to feed them for a few months.  Need:  5 computers.   When we meet with the Somali women who come to the Literacy Center (99.9% Muslim, hungry, fearful, and abused), we would like to give them a gift.  Need:  125 tubes of toothpaste, 125 toothbrushes, 125 shampoos, 125 soap.   Faith That Works speaks to the lead pastor at least once a week.  He uses his iPAD to call in.   He is the one who communicates with all of the other pastors, shepherding them and teaching them, and visiting them in their villages.  We would like to bless him with a phone.  Need:  an iPhone.   Our ministry is growing.   If a grant we are submitting is funded, we will need 2 computers for the interns who will work writing grants and networking on our behalf.  Need: 2 MAC computers.   As lovers of Jesus Christ, we are all given work to do on his behalf.  Faith That Works hopes that one of the works you have been called to is helping the Somali people learn about Him.  Will you help?  Is there something you can contribute?   Please call  Terri at 314-899-0752 and tell her that you are a SENDER and want to help.  You can also e-mail Terri/                 .   Rita Cornett, Global Volunteer Development/ Faith That Works      
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