Nichole moved to St. Louis over one year ago.  She shares her thoughts on volunteering with Faith that Works: "Before moving to St. Louis,  I prayed that I would have an opportunity to use my Spanish speaking skills to help others.  I met Terri Stipanovich after hearing about her upcoming bible study and action team.  She explained it as Action Thursday, a time when women would get together for a teaching from The Book of James and then go out in the community and put what we had just learned into action.  Childcare would be provided for those of us with small children.  I attended for sometime, feeling a little defeated because the outreach portion of the classes did not fit in with my children's schedules.  I shared these feelings with Terri, and she encouraged me to keep coming and that God had not given me these desires without reason, and that HE had something very specific in mind for me to do.  Soon after that,  Terri engaged me in small tasks that fit my schedule.  I served the other mom's in the group by organizing the childcare and filling in when a sitter would not show up.  I began making friends and getting to know the women in the group.  Terri would ask me to make a meal, or donate batteries for the homeless, and even make bracelets we sold to benefit the homeless.  I  found myself looking more and more forward to my time with Faith that Works each Thursday.  There was always some interesting project,  or person to help. I stopped feeling sorry for my loneliness at living in a new place and started thinking about others in need.  I continued to learn from Terri's teaching and the older women in the group.  As I continued to grow in my confidence that I had something to offer others, I stepped out in greater ways.  I joined the Hispanic Outreach Team.  I previously thought I was unable due to my kids schedules,  but God showed me ways to fit it in my week.  I sensed a greater measure of fulfillment in every aspect of my life.  I felt purpose and meaning,  that had been lacking.  The women/ and men involved in Faith that Works have become my friends.  Even my husband and children are involved in serving now- making St. Louis feel like home!"
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