About Us

We work across the boundaries of culture, religion, and ethnicity to cultivate community and equip local leaders for positive social change.

Trusting Relationships and Local Leaders

Leaders have the ability to spark movements and transform their communities for good. We desire to strengthen and support marginalized communities by equipping local leaders with the support and resources needed to address local and global issues. Since our creation in 2009, we’ve mobilized community members in St. Louis and the Horn of Africa to address issues like homelessness, human trafficking, and hunger. We empowered volunteers as leaders and teams, helping start projects and then stepping back as sustainability was established and volunteers took ownership. As we’ve developed as an organization, our mission and focus areas have sharpened. We now work primarily with refugee and immigrant communities in St. Louis and East Africa to equip local leaders and address social issues. We take a “people first” approach and believe in the importance of building strong cross-cultural relationships as we provide services and support leaders. We believe that more good can be accomplished when people work together and take the time to listen and learn from one another. What we learn from those we serve helps us evaluate and develop our programs to make sure our work is truly making a difference. Trusting, compassionate, and empowering relationships form our foundation as an organization. Everything we do grows from this.

Meet the Team

Terri Stipanovich Founder & Board President and Secretary terri@faith-that-works.org Learn more about Terri and why she started Faith that Works...
Steve Stipanovich Board Member Co-Founder
Kimberly Wilson Nala Project Manager Board Member
Mike Sherman Pastoral Care, Bookkeeping
David Aubrecht Special Projects Leader
Cathy Westbury Prayer Ministry Leader Board Member cathy@faith-that-works.org
Sadie Montgomery Nala Representative