A previous AmeriCorps intern, Chloe Colbert, shares her about her experience working with Faith That Works:

"Little did I know that I would be directly impacting women’s lives when I joined Faith that Works as an AmeriCorps volunteer the summer of 2015. I had just finished an AmeriCorps term November 2014, and I was in the midst of deciding on graduate schools when I heard about new AmeriCorps summer terms being offered Summer 2015. Having enjoyed my first AmeriCorps experience so much, I jumped at the opportunity to work with a new organization.   Faith that Works stood out to me because of its dual domestic and international focus of its work. While I was assigned to work with the Hispanic community in Chesterfield, MO, I also had the opportunity to work on issues serving the Somali refugees living in Ethiopia. That was how I got interested in working on women’s issues in the Horn of Africa.   The Somali women in Ethiopia are economically disenfranchised because culture and society prohibit them from working outside the home. When I learned about this, I worked with the Faith that Works Director, Terri Stipanovich, to find business opportunities for these Somali women. Our research led to the development of Nala, the Somali women’s clothing business initiative. You can check out these women’s great clothing pieces here.   Faith that Works transformed my vision of working with women from developing countries and helping them to realize their potential within. I used my experience working on Somali women’s issues to hone my focus within graduate school, which was a focus on women in conflict. Having just finished graduate school, I am hoping to pursue a career improving women’s lives in developing countries, and I can thank Faith that Works for that inspiration."
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