Our work flows from the generosity and commitment of our partners, donors, and people like you. We have accomplished great things together, impacting hundreds of lives, and we hope you’ll join us to work toward even greater change.

Working to Break Down Divides

Since our creation, we’ve worked with community members to launch service programs and then equipped local leaders to continue and grow these outreaches. In 2016 we phased out of our Hispanic Outreach and transitioned the work to local leadership as our mission gained a sharper focus. Our founder, Terri Stipanovich, felt an increasing need to work among Muslim and Christian people groups, finding ways to break down age-old divides, both here and abroad. With this vision in mind, we started a language and culture class in our St. Louis office. We hosted leadership conferences in Africa and worked with both Muslim and Christians, opening new and exciting dialogues. We began Nala, our women’s paid sewing program in Africa, hiring both Muslim and Christian women who now work side by side. We desire to connect with community leaders and use our experience to train others in the important work of breaking down cultural and religious barriers to community. Our work is more like a movement than a set of programs - a movement toward understanding, collaboration, and a more just and compassionate world. Join us!

How you can get involved in the movement:

Opening Dialogue + Cross-Cultural Learning:

  • Invite Terri to come and speak at your event, conference, community or business group, church, or forum. With over 20 years of nonprofit experience and 7 years of international and cross-cultural work, Terri can share stories and insight on a variety of topics like: Collaborating across cultural and religious differences, combating gender inequality in East Africa through enterprise, and leadership development.

Love fashion or business? Engage through Nala:

  • Visit us in our Central West End office and shop the Nala garments - every garment purchased employs one woman for one month!
  • Teach female immigrants and refugees in St. Louis how to sew
  • Volunteer in administrative work at our St. Louis office
  • Host a Nala party in your home or community!  Help Faith that Works share life changing stories of the women with whom we work. Join US to bring gender equality to vulnerable women and girls while showing off new Nala designs your friends and family will love!

Go Global - International Opportunities

  • Sewing and fashion: If you have sewing or pattern making experience or an eye for new fashion trends, we need people like you to travel with us to our Nala center in Ethiopia as we create new designs
  • Video and photography volunteer/intern: Travel and make a difference as you develop creative ways to capture and share stories
  • Provide trainings: We need men and women to lead trainings for our leaders in East Africa. Topics can vary: pastoral leadership, business, community development, etc. What can you share to equip others
  • Construction and development: Skilled individuals and groups needed for special projects

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