In two weeks, I am running my half-marathon for Faith That Works.  When Terri asked me to share why I am running for Faith That Works, I realized that the reasons trail back to the beginning of my life with God.  10 years ago, almost to-date, my life put the “uhg” in ugly.  As a perfectionist, I was extremely hard on myself, depressed, and burdened by pain and brokenness.   Before I was a Christian, I dwelled on what I thought I didn't have and after embracing the gospel and learning how God sees me and provides for me beyond all expectations and perfectly, my selfish heart began to transform into one of gratitude. Gratitude began to replace the depression, pain, and brokenness that I had carried with me for years.  I've become enamored and grateful for the gospel, for God’s love, for His guidance, for His character, and for the ways He blesses me daily.

When I became a mother, I encountered another level of busy that I never knew existed.  I work full-time and my husband travels a lot as a coach. Because of my busyness, I recently realized that my life had become very inwardly-focused, so I began to pray specifically about ministry:

1. That I wouldn't use my “busyness” as an excuse not to do ministry or give back.

2. That I would view my daily life more and more as ministry

In our community group, I began to get to know Terri and Nichole’ and as they shared stories and needs of Hispanic families and Somali believers, I was inspired by the bravery of these groups and felt deep tugs on the ol’ heartstrings.  I was praying for these groups while running one day, God planted the idea that I could run for Faith That Works. (To which I replied, “Um, I’ll think about that tomorrow, God.)  Eventually, shakin' in my boots, I emailed Terri and began spreading the word.  So far, we have raised $300 for Faith That Works!  Only God, y’all.

Ann Voskamp, one of my favorite authors, wrote these striking words on her blog, “The height of joy isn't simply to be blessed - but to become the blessing.  The height of joy isn't to have blessings actualized - but to become the actual blessing.  The height of joy is not to be blessed with stuff - but to become blessing in service.”   I am able to run and celebrate the miracle of my health and the miracle of each day because of Him.  Out of God’s goodness, it is my joy to pray and run for FTW as they share His revolutionary love.  If God can use a 5’4’ slow-poke runner/librarian to make an impact, He can use anyone.

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