I hope that title caught your attention. Let me clarify. Today I was driving into our office in the Central West End, a busy urban neighborhood in St. Louis, MO. What occurred Missionhappened near the beautiful Catholic Basilica and down the street from one of the top medical schools in the country, Washington University. I sat at a red light and watched cars race by, as well as people dashing to and fro on foot in a torrential downpour. Something across the street caught my eye. It was a man in a wheelchair and it appeared that he was stuck on something. His chair was rolling backward into the street and he was obviously helpless. As the light turned green I accelerated forward and could begin to see this man was VERY stuck. I watched as I drove by, expecting someone to stop and help, but no one did. I didn't want to stop, it was POURING. But how could I not? Just this morning I had met with a young mom I disciple, and the words I spoke to her flashed through my head, "It's never going to be easy to share Jesus. You will always have fear, but after the first time you do it you will WANT to do it again and again. Your faith will take wings, and sharing Christ with another person will be effortless, EASY." Okay--- My turn. Being on mission is easy when you don't care if you get wet, or you are delayed, or uneasy, or afraid. It's in our self-preservation where mission gets hard. But isn't this face below worth a little self-sacrifice? What about the man on the street today? What is his story? Where is he from? How long would he have been stuck in that spot? When you think of those around you and lose yourself a little, mission is easy.
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