Take a look at a few highlights from 2013 and then read about New Years Resolutions you can make! Elderly Care Hosanna-School-children Paint Shop reading     Someone asked me yesterday if I had a New Years Resolution.  I quickly began to spout off personal goals I might have for 2014.  These goals included more time to read, workout, eating healthy, and saving money.  As I was making my list I thought about all of the people we serve who do not have the time to read, the resources to eat healthy, or the finances available to save money.   Terry Harris, the head of equity and diversity training for a large school district, said this  " Anyone who has transportation, a decent education,  and a supporting community is priviledged."   When my friend, Terry said this, I remember thinking this was a new thought to me, something I hadn't ever pondered due to my "priviledged" life.  That was long ago- I certainly ponder it now. As the founder of an organziation that mobilizes people to important work with the underserved, I see it daily- and no less so in this season of resolutions.  Those we serve,  often lack the resources to "better" their life- and rely on organizations like ours to provide basic necessities such as dental care, translation services, bibles, food, transportation, the internet, computers, rent, and most important our friendship.  The circumstances are much more severe in Ethiopia, yet even right here in West County, there are those struggling to pay their rent, find work, and keep their kids in school.  One family we serve recently told their 15 year old son that he may have to quit school and find a job to help support their family.   These real-life situations occur more than you may think in our neighborhoods. So…back to resolutions.  Will you join us in making a heart felt resolution to serve others more in 2014?  There are opportunities to donate food, tutor a child, travel to a foreign land, bring hope to the elderly, offer rides, become a mentor, work in the office, teach ESOL classes, cook a meal, and more..Join the movement and bring meaning to another's life, while fulfilling your own!  Contact us NOW and make the best resolution you hav ever made.  
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