The news this week hits home:  2 Somali nationals killed while making a bomb in Addis Ababa. News reports tell us that two men from neighboring Somalia entered Ethiopia illegally and lived among the throng of Somali refugees in the capitol city of Ethiopia.  Most of the refugees have come to escape war.  Some have come to make war. In the middle of this throng of Somalis is a pastor, himself Somali, who teaches the gospel to those driven from their homeland seeking a better life.  The better life is found only in Jesus.  However, Christians are persecuted and shamed for their belief in Jesus Christ as Messiah.  They are shunned;  they are supposed to be Muslim.   It is a dangerous life. Faith That Works partners with this pastor, giving funds to feed the hungry (and there are many) and support to his network of underground house churches.  Underground.  The only way they can meet together to praise the God of their salvation. They are our brothers.  And that is why the news this week hits home. If you hear God’s call to be a part of this work, come and see what we can do.  There will be an informational meeting on November 16th.  Details to follow.    
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