These posts are meant to share more about our volunteers.  With our annual fundraiser, Shop for a Cause,  looming ahead (just two days away) we tend to get in a reflection mode.  Our volunteers have accomplished amazing things and possess the passion and faith to step out in many new ways.  We are honored to mobilize such people to even greater works and humbled when we watch them do the same by bringing others along with them.   The following short biography was written by, and about,  one of our most faithful leaders, Suzanne Lovell.  We have taken great joy in watching her minister to some of the most forgotten in our society.  This is not false charity, but geniune love and passion for the least.  Way to go, Suzanne!   Meet Suzanne this Saturday night at Shop for a Cause, and read below to learn how she came to leading a bible study in a nursing home.

Suzanne Lovell:

Husband: Bill married 43 years Four Children: Scott, Brad, Jeff & Valerie Four Grandchildren: Will, Jack, Luke, & Hannah Grew up in Carter Lake, Iowa then moved to Omaha, Nebraska, Vadnais Heights, MN. and lastly Ellisville, MO.   I spent my early years as an at home mom. I am very domestic. I loved making a nice home for my family, cooking, decorating, and being very involved with my children. When I was in my 40’s, I went back to school and became and interior designer. I have my own business, but am phasing out due to involvement with grandkids, and ministry commitments. I attended Lakeview Bible church for 20 years. Being in a small church, I wore many hats. I was a Sunday school teacher, social chairman, music chairman, women’s bible study leader, singer, interior designer, and even the janitor. I led a Christian girls group called Pioneer girls. I have always gotten involved in church ministries. When I moved to St. Louis, I attended Ellisville Baptist church. Women’s ministries were my focus and also, our adult Sunday school class which my husband taught. I was in charge of our class socials. I have hosted hundreds of people in our home. I was the kitchen chair and on the board for Joy in the morning, a women’s Bible study outreach. I started a young women’s group called God Chicks. I led the group for 4 years then moved on to a new church my son attended. Almost 2 years ago, I became involved with Faith That Works.  I felt the need to get out of the church and serve in the community. I wanted to help with the homeless. I was out of my comfort zone in some ways, but I always felt that people of all walks of life, are just people. Everyone has a story and you never know where someone has come from or what experiences have led them to their current situation. In my heart I wanted to teach a Bible Study and had been praying about it.  One day I got a call from Faith That Works asking if I would be interested in leading a Bible study at a nursing home. I had to say yes for this was an answer to my prayer. We started out in February 2012 with  10 people and now have 47 on our roster. We average 30 each week for some are unable to come due to illness, therapy, or they have not gotten out of bed for the day yet. I truly love the people and am very attached to them. Due to their limitations, this I not your typical Bible study, but I have come up with a format that works and they seem to enjoy it. I happen to be very affectionate. Everyone gets a hug and kiss each week.  One sweet lady named Selma said to me after her hug and kiss,  “ That is the best part of coming”. I said “What?” She replied, “The hugs and the kisses, they make my day.” Our goal is to love on people and to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. In addition to the Bible study, I take a card and their favorite birthday cake on their birthday. When someone is in the hospital, I visit. During the week I often visit them and get to know new friends that have come to our study. I am starting a new branch of our study group. It is called, “Friends and Pens – A Life Story”  With the help of Tom, one of our faithful volunteers, we are in the process of putting a book together for those interested in writing their life story. This is a new opportunity for volunteering. A resident and a new “friend” will be paired, and the volunteer will write in the resident’s book as they share their life experiences. God is good. Surrendering ourselves to God’s service only leads to abundant blessings. As we serve to honor God and serve others, we are the ones who end up truly blessed.    
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