One volunteer in our Hispanic Outreach had this to say, "One of the things I have learned through working with Faith that Works is that most undocumented immigrants have a lack of resources available to them. I asked a group of Hispanic individuals we work with if they had a social security number, health care for their children, or other basic things, and they said no. I realized that something I take for granted is only a dream for the 11 million undocumented residents in the US. These individuals live in constant fear and with a feeling that they don't belong, while they only dream of a better life for their children. But that's what I feel God has called FTW to do, show them the love of Jesus and that there is always hope with him. We love hanging out with the kids, or helping their parents learn English and sign their kids up for kindergarten. It was (and continues to be) a huge blessing to be able to love and serve this community." We thank Jeremy Krueger for faithfully serving with this outreach.  He is a favorite amongst the kids in our programs.  We see this as SUCH a WIN/WIN…Our volunteers reap huge rewards from what they give, both in the present and eternally!
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