School is out and summer is here for the kids and youth we work with in our Hispanic Outreach programs in the Chesterfield Mobile Home Park. To kick off the summer for the kids and their families, volunteers from Red Tree Church's West County location hosted a cookout for them at the picnic area by the Chesterfield Amphitheater. Church members grilled burgers and hotdogs, offered face painting and games, and spent time getting to know the families we work with in our outreach. A few of the women who participate in the ESL program we host in partnership with Rockwood Schools contributed to the cookout by making homemade tamales, beans, salsa and rice. Thank you to everyone who played a role in making the party a great time of fellowship and fun!

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The party was a great way to kick off our summer outreach programs that start in June. Each Tuesday afternoon, volunteers will spend time with K-5th grade students who live in the mobile home park. They'll read books together and work on crafts and activities related to the stories. On Fridays the children will have the chance to learn and make fun memories by taking field trips with our volunteers and summer interns. We may be just as excited as the kids that it's summer!
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