We have much to be thankful for this year. PEOPLE: Faith that Works is thankful for the hundreds of people that bring meaning to our life. We have a very small staff comprised of two full-time people and one part time person, along with MANY volunteers that give of themselves. We could list all of the many ways that our staff DO things that bless our organization, but when it comes down to it- we are thankful for their personalities, friendship, laughter, prayers, and especially their hearts. We have many to name but won't in this post- we just want them to know we love them- and not only for what they do! Their presence in our life is enough. OUR OFFICE: WOW! We are SUPER greatful for space. Isn't it amazing what space can do? We LOVE our space. The last few days have been spent cleaning, rearranging, and adding features that will provide comfortable work areas for everyone and it's not hard to remember the three years we worked from home to bring a wave of gratitude that FTW now has our very own space. OPPORTUNITY: Where would we be without opportunity? Those we serve here and abroad give us opportunity to put our faith into action. We GET to serve others and this is not a burden or just another 'to do" in our already long list- it is why we are here and we LOVE OPPORTUNITY. It might be in Ethiopia, or St. Louis but we give thanks for OPPPORTUNITY. THE CHURCH: Helping churches to be on mission. We are So thankful for the chance to speak in various churches this year. Every church we visit has it's own personality and we are thankful for what we learn from each one. God's family is vast- with various gifts and different calls, but striving to do good and bring hope to our world. So thankful we GET to be a small part of the work of Christ's Church. JESUS: We wouldn't be here without HIM. His message inspires us to go out-stirring others up to a greater call. He forgives us when we fall short, loves us, leads us, and inspires us to keep HIS message alive, no matter what. We are so thankful HE allows us to be a part of His message and work to the world. Thankful for Jesus. THE HOLY SPIRIT: What can we say? He speaks to us, through us, and keeps our message strong. He told us to start this ministry and HE continues to bring others who have the same passion for our message. Can't do things in our strength, need HIM. OUR FATHER: Aren't we all just children, figuring this thing called life and ministry out? We love the picture of our heavenly father loving us, encouraging us, protecting, providing, and weeping over the things that break our hearts- the trials of ministry; betrayal, cruelty, luke warm volunteers, dead churches, and the millions suffering around the world without Christ. Our heavenly Father sees this and HE tells us to love without getting tired, be patient and persevere without losing hope, and believe the best about others and keep giving them second, third and fourth chances- like HE does for us. We are thankful for our HEavenly father. THIS SEASON: It may seem like a small thing, but we are thankful for this season. This season to express gratitude, anticipate vacation time, be with family we have missed, and anticipate the celebration of Christ's Birth. --we also close out 2013 soon and will write more reflection on specific ways God revealed himself to us in 2013, and what we accomplished, and what we are planning for The New Year...but for right now, we are THANKFUL!
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