I was encouraged today to see the love of our Faith that Works volunteers.  In one given day, we may have 5-6 people giving practical help to hurting individuals.  Here are a few examples of today's events-
  • employed a single mother
  • offered friendship to two local hispanic women in need
  • provided rides, babysitting for children in need
  • took one four year old shopping for new clothes
  • phone calls made on behalf of a single mother, inquiring how to fix the heater in her home
  • discovered new design for our jewelry business, which employs local homeless women
  • spoke to an 18 year old homeless girl on the phone, helping her reach shelter for food, promising a visit this Thursday
We are mobilizing our volunteers to make an impact in their communities.  Beyond the physical help given above, we have received donations of batteries, candles, newspapers, hot chocolate, coffee, TP, and water for the homeless camps we serve in.  We have also received various donations for our jewelry business.  Thank You- to the army of volunteers that make our work possible- and especially to all of you that give financially.  This work could not continue without you!
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