Somali Literacy Center One of our pastors writes to us this week, “Our vision is to disciple the Somalis for Jesus Christ.”  The Literacy Center seems to be God’s vehicle for bringing this goal to fruition. The ministry plan includes:
  • Recruiting teachers to teach Somali, English, math and health
  • Selection of six elders (4 men/2 women)
  • Establish relationship with the Somali Embassy
Faith that Works will equip them with “Bibles, spiritual books, audio books, DVDs.”  He also asked “the FTW team make this part of your daily prayer and keep on praying for the new 2014 tactical plans through His way.” The emphasis on relationships and the call for discipleship is taken straight from the vision of Faith that Works.  It is exactly the way our Hispanic Outreach ministry plan has unfolded. We are joyful that God has chosen us to work with these pastors.  We ask that you put our vision of creating a gathering place for the displaced Somali population in Addis Ababa in your prayers.  With your help the Literacy Center can become a hub where discipleship becomes a reality.   Prayer from our one of our pastors- Gracious God, We are so grateful that you have made us blessings in the lives of the Somali Church in Ethiopia.  And in your awesomeness we acknowledge that they are blessings in our lives as well.  We will continue to be open to your encouragement in supporting them in their daily struggle to do Your work.  We trust You to put the right people in their path in order to realize their dreams of fulfilling your great commission .
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