Fashion Is Coming Back To St. Louis

We're meeting the need for small batch manufacturing while training immigrant and refugee women with our sewing school

We are growing and changing! As an organization we are in the process of moving into a new building and growing our capacity to accept more clients.

Faith that Works (soon to be re-branded) provides top notch sewing training in their growing sewing school and small batch manufacturing facility. In addition to this! Do you Need fabric sourcing, pattern design, and samples for your new idea? You have come to right place. Faith that Works, located in the heart of the Central West End is your one stop shop for all of your brand ideas.

Faith that Works is bringing together some of the most creative individuals in the industry, A Collective. Our organization is planning for a 6,000 square foot creative space and big additions to their industrial sewing fleet to keep up with the demand for small batch manufacturing in St. Louis, Mo. Bring all of your design and manufacturing needs to Faith that Works and stay tuned for the new look, name and brand coming soon.

Partner with us to end poverty through education

Giving to the poorer populations can help to meet their immediate need, but it doesn't combat poverty as a whole. To make a lasting difference in the lives of these women, we've chosen to help them enter the workforce. Sewing is a valuable skill. It costs $400 to train an employee in St. Louis.

Every woman in our program receives:

Classes and workshops
Employment opportunities

When you support Faith That Works, you meet the needs of women today while still supplying them with a future.

Every Donation Makes a Difference

Women are empowered through work

Have you ever heard the saying, "Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day; But teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime"? Faith That Works was founded on that idea. It's our goal to strengthen marginalized communities through education and employment opportunities.

Our facilities in the US and abroad support local economies and help women out of poverty through employment.

To learn more about our mission call 314-560-5802 today.